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Pilates on line  Classes-  
Human Fields 

As artists working in the field of dance and movement for so many years, we’ve experienced the totality this profession requires. We understand the need and necessity of a work that strengthens, mobilizes, challenges, and especially explores the body and the inherent capabilities in it. At the same time we realize how important the movement and balance is in our daily life, not only from the dancers’ perspective, but purely as human beings. Balanced body helps to stay balanced in mind. 


We concocted classes based on the purity of core muscles workout, finding the balance, and creating awareness and strength in the body. We want to emphasize the proper postural alignment, and to awaken and develop core muscles by flexing, extending, elongating, and most importantly: using organic movement. We will also correct small weaknesses in our bodies and work on the flexibility by focusing on long and stretched movements. The classes are based on our knowledge of anatomy, classical and contemporary Pilates, yoga, as well different dance styles and techniques. We want to encourage everyone to join us on this journey and meet as we are.


This class is a total body strength workout.

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About us...

We are Dor Mamalia and Dariusz Nowak, professional contemporary dancers, choergarphers and teaching dance and pilates.
In 2017, we founded Human Fields collective for dance in Berlin. Since then we have performed with our original productions, worked with professional dance companies, and taught workshops/classes for dance academies around the world. Since our establishment, we have toured Russia, Germany, Switzerland, France, England, Italy, Mexico, Ukraine, Moldova, Israel, Poland, Denmark, Kenya, and more. We’ve got an amazing opportunity to meet wonderful people from every corner of the world. We hope that with the help of this platform we can continue to work, explore, and share knowledge.

we are here

We value open and direct communication, and especially during this hard period we are here for you. We always encourage students to communicate with us about any problem or question they have regarding the classes, the essence of the work and the body. Our work does not end in the class itself.

Feel free to write us with any question or request.


Dor and Dariusz

We got you!

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